Elaheh Koolaee
Children take part in a New Year performance at the Starina Sibirskaya local history and culture open air museum in Bolsherechye on December 23, 2017
7 Jan 2018 20:10

Elaheh Koolaee

Iran-Russia’s Socio-Cultural Relations

Iran and Russia have experienced very deep and rich socio-cultural relations during about last three centuries. Economic relationship between the two countries paved the rout of social interactions. Russia’s interesting and meaningful literature was very interesting for many Iranian readers ...

22 Oct 2017 22:05

Elaheh Koolaee

Russia and Duality of Ties in the Middle East

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian foreign policy was soon rebuilt. Russian leaders came to the conclusion that the Middle East and the republic countries around Russia should have a more important position in its foreign policy. The presence of million Muslims in the southern republics ...

6 Feb 2017 16:00

Elaheh Koolaee

Iran and Russia: Let's Learn from History

  The history of relations between Iran and the Soviet Union, and especially, the impact of the international system on these relations are thought-provoking and advantageous. The relations between the two states during the two decades before the Islamic Revolution of Iran were unique in the Soviet ...