Mehdi Sanaei
Mehdi Sanaei, Iran’s Ambassador to The Russian Federation, is Senior Fellow at The IRAS Institute.
World Order in Post-Coronavirus Era
27 Apr 2020 01:26

An article by Mehdi Sanaei

World Order in Post-Coronavirus Era

"Despite the suffering it has brought to humanity, world order is not so terrible that a new building could be built on its ruins, writes Mehdi Sanaei, senior lecturer of the Tehran University’s Department of International Relations, Head of the Centre for Iranian and Eurasian Studies ...

Iran and Economic Cooperation: From Atlantic to Pacific
19 Dec 2018 11:37

Mehdi Sanaei & Jahangir Karami

Iran and Economic Cooperation: From Atlantic to Pacific

Introduction Since 1960s, regionalism has gradually turned to a critical and prevailing approach in the international studies and since then, regional integration institutions have been expanded and their effectiveness has helped their ongoing expansion and enlargement. Since 1990s, globalization,...

4 Nov 2017 20:12

Mehdi Sanaei

Common Interests with the Northern Neighbors

An important point that the Russian President's recent visit to Tehran reminds is the fact that the Middle East and Eurasian regional cooperation has been added to the international and bilateral dimensions between Iran and Russia which existed in the past and were significantly expanded and deepened ...

H.E. Dr. Mehdi Sanaei, I.R. Iran
20 Oct 2017 22:29

Mehdi Sanaei

Iran-Russia 25-Year Cooperation on Peaceful Nuclear Energy

A look at the past shows that the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation in various fields, especially political, economic, cultural, and international ones have followed a desirable developmental trend. This is confirmed by the 70 percent growth in trade between ...

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26 Apr 2017 09:32

Mehdi Sanaei: ' I think relations between Iran and Russia have not been and will not be influenced by third parties'

The idea of a Russian-Iranian alliance makes sense to many for four main reasons. First, Russia and Iran have a shared interest in disrupting the U.S.-dominated post–Cold War order in the Middle East. Second, the Russians were seen as leaning towards Iran during the nuclear negotiations because ...

Iranian Ambassador to Russia Dr. Mehdi Sanaei (R) and Eurasia Group
29 Oct 2016 11:56

Mehdi Sanaei

Security from The Middle East to Eurasia

Providing security, which is of the primary and fundamental rights, is the basic issue for humans, humanitarian organizations and the governments. In the twentieth century as a result of the consolidation and the establishment of the Westphalian sovereignty in Europe, national security surpassed the ...

Mehdi Sanaei:
26 Jul 2016 16:31

Mehdi Sanaei: 'Iran welcomes any Russian partnership in the regional developments'

H.E. Dr. Mehdi Sanaei, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation and senior fellow at IRAS, sat down a week ago with IRAS for an interview about Iran-Russia's relationship on bilateral and regional issues after the Joint Comprehensive ...

Post-Sanctions Era and Diplomatic Future of Iran and Russia
18 Mar 2016 18:21

Mehdi Sanaei

Post-Sanctions Era and Diplomatic Future of Iran and Russia

After the implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of countries, known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA), began on January 16, 2016, sanctions imposed against Iran on account of its nuclear program were removed. The nuclear agreement was a “great achievement”...