Davood Kiani
Davood Kiani, Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad University, is First Deputy Director at The IRAS Institute.
Contact him via: Kiani@iras.ir
3 Jun 2017 09:56

Davood Kiani

Common Security Challenges and Perspectives for Cooperation between Iran and Russia

Sharing common borders with Iran and Russia, Central Asia and South Caucasus create both threats and opportunities for Tehran and Moscow, some of which are common to both states. While long-term interests of Iran and Russia are in accordance with the security and stability of strategic regions like ...

Davood Kiani:
23 Mar 2016 17:15

Davood Kiani: 'The current strategically security cooperation between Iran and Russia would not forge a security alliance in the near future'

  The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund conducted an interview with Davood Kiani, First Deputy Director of The IRAS Institute, on the Iran-Russian bilateral relations and regional cooperation. The following is a full version of the interview.   Since removal of Iran sanctions, the ...