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2017/11/14 22:41   »   Yulia Sveshnikova: ‘I would not call the ties between Moscow and Riyadh cordial, neither Moscow’s relationship with Tehran’
2017/09/12 23:12   »   Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Turkey realized that the collapse of Syria would be at the expense of Turkish territorial integrity and national security’
2017/09/10 22:07   »   Anton Mardasov: ‘The deterioration of relations between Russia and the US is in the interests of Iran’
2017/08/14 20:34   »   Sa'adollah Zarei: 'I personally do not worry that the agreement between the US and Russia is so strong that Iran will not have the capability to break it'
2017/07/25 23:23   »   Hassan Beheshtipour: ‘Central Asia is not the top priority for Iran’
2017/07/22 01:07   »   Bahram Amirahmadian: ‘Russia is a pragmatic state, and Iran at times plays an emotional attitude in the political game’
2017/06/28 10:19   »   Jahangir Karami: 'Rouhani reelection has promoted Iran’s status, more than ever, in the eyes of world public opinion'
2017/06/21 00:18   »   Mahmoud Shoori: ‘For Russians, it is important that they do not define themselves against Saudi Arabia’
2017/06/08 09:08   »   Ali Shamkhani: 'Iran-Russia-Syria-Iraq-Hezbollah co-op has changed political equations in the Syria Crisis'
2017/05/27 08:23   »   Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman: 'The Iranian cultural presence and diplomacy can create a sort of moderation and balance in Central Asia'
2017/05/17 13:42   »   Mahmoud Shoori: ‘The US cannot offer anything worthy to the Russians to have them leave Syria’
2017/05/13 14:58   »   Jahangir Karami: 'The Russians should not feel that Iran has no choice but to have relations with them'
2017/05/03 11:15   »   Hassan Beheshtipour: 'Neither Russia’s interests nor the American's will be secured by fighting each other in the Middle East'
2017/04/26 09:32   »   Mehdi Sanaei: ' I think relations between Iran and Russia have not been and will not be influenced by third parties'
2017/03/15 10:59   »   Elena Dunayeva: 'The anti-Russian sentiments are seen among some Iranian conservatives and hardliners'
2017/03/03 10:21   »   Rasoul Mousavi: ‘Afghanistan’s stability crisis is a domestic issue which must be overcome through a balance between different ethnic groups’
2017/02/19 17:03   »   Nozar Shafeei: 'What has brought Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran close to each other is the US- ISIS axis not Taliban'
2017/02/04 19:51   »   Mohsen Pakaeen: 'Azerbaijan has realized the advantages of regional cooperation with Iran and Russia, and will follow the same path during the Trump presidency'
2017/01/21 09:14   »   Esfandiar Omidbakhsh: 'If Iran's political relations with Russia had not been to the current level, there would never be discussions on FTA with the EEU'
2017/01/16 17:52   »   Sergey Markedonov: ‘The current dynamics between Moscow and Ankara does not necessarily mean that the two will work together to form a new alliance’

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