Iran-Turkmenistan Ties: Past Experiences, Future Prospect

Date of publication : November 14, 2016 14:00 pm
Iran-Turkmenistan Ties: Past Experiences, Future Prospect

Date: November 7, 2016
Time: 17:00 to 19:00 (GMT +3:30)
Venue: IRAS Conference Center, Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Mousa Hashemi, Iran's Former Ambassador to Turkmenistan
Safar Berdiniyazov, Special Envoy of Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry
Myrat Nazarov, Advisor to Turkmenistan's Foreign Minister
Amangeldi Rahmanov, Head of College of International Relations (affiliated to Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry)
Amangeldi Bayramov, Expert at Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry
Ahmed Gurbanov, Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Iran

Davood Kiani, First Deputy Director, IRAS

In this event, Mohammad Mousa Hashemi said:
"Turkmenistan possesses two special advantages which grant a privileged position to this country in Iran's foreign policy in Central Asia. One of these advantages is the ability to provide transportation and transit of goods routes to countries in the region and Iran and the other one is the enjoyment of rich hydrocarbon resources and particularly gas, putting Turkmenistan among the target countries of Iran’s foreign policy in the surrounding area.
"Considering the first experiences of independent political life and foreign relations with other countries, Turkmenistan has sometimes had difficulties in the early years after independence. During these years and then, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been on the side of this country and provided assistance in all aspects. Although good relations of these two neighbors have been sometimes envied by enemies and ill-wishers, leaders and political elites of both countries have managed to overcome these malicious behaviors and help Iran and Turkmenistan to go through the path of friendship and improvement of relations."

In this event, Safar Berdiniyazov said:
"Foundations of political, economic, and cultural relations between Iran and Turkmenistan are too strong to be shaken with the envy and jealousy of ill-wishers. In the future, we should wait for brighter days and warmer relations between Iran and Turkmenistan. This clear and bright prospect is dependent on the will of the political leaders of the two countries."

In this event, Amangeldi Rahmanov also said:
"The experience of numerous scientific-cultural exchanges is very important and valuable in getting the mentality of the two countries diplomats closer to each other and training of the future generations of Turkmenistan's foreign policy enforcers.
"The relations between Turkmenistan and Iran can be defined at levels higher than the relationship between the two neighboring countries. This feature can be considered a unique advantage in deepening and expanding relations between the two countries."

In this event, Vali Kaleji commented:
"Energy corridors in the region, including the Peace Pipeline, TAPI, and TANAP, not only are not at odds with each other but also all are considered capacities of regional cooperation between the beneficiary countries. The merger and multilateralization of energy transmission lines is one of the areas of cooperation and even a motivation for getting the views of beneficiary countries, including Iran and Turkmenistan, closer to each other in political and economic fields.
"The possibility of establishing a quartet pipeline through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran will be an effective step towards strengthening their regional ties, especially between Iran and Turkmenistan."

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