Bahram Amirahmadian

Kazakhstan: A Dominant Power in the Future of Central Asia Region

Date of publication : December 1, 2017 15:18 pm
Kazakhstan: A Dominant Power in the Future of Central Asia Region

Kazakhstan is the biggest republics according to its territory, but the second in the basis of population numbers among other Central Asian republics. At the same time, Kazakhstan is the richest one among Central Asian and Caucasian republics. During the Soviet Era, Kazakhstan lonely was one of the eighteenth Economic Region’s of USSR, beside the other forth Central Asian Republics which they jointly were one the other Economic Region. Three Caucasian Republics were together also the other Economic Region’s of Soviet Union’s Trans-Caucasia. These factors are not considered by many researchers who they are studying about the region.
In Soviet Era, Kazakhstan was a nuclear power, but during the early years of independence, it was disarmed voluntarily. It means that its very clever president had a very clear attitude to the future of his country. Kazakhstan had played a significant role in the disintegration of Soviet Union, together with the other Soviet Republics such as Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus. So it has the real factors of power in its region. Baikonur satellite launching center is a good reason that still is functioning.
Kazakhstan after gaining its independence from the Soviet Union, contrary to the other Ex-Soviet Union republics, had no serious ethnic conflict and territorial disputes. So it made it a stable situation to establish new governmental institutions for a well-governing system. It was due to its cultural infrastructure and the good leader.
There are a lot of ethnics groups who they are living friendly beside Kazakhs (the first rank), and Russians (the second rank) among others including Koreans, Germans and so on. We may call it a mosaic of nations.
At present which Kazakhstan is developing rapidly in terms of economy, industry, sciences, civil society and modern lifestyle, it may be said that all achievements are the results of the good relations between Nation and State. There is no doubt president Nazarbayev has a significant and valuable role in making modern Kazakhstan. He is the father and founder of New Kazakhstan. The main task for Nazarbayev and his team work in Kazakhstan government is Kazakh Nationality. Awakening of New Kazakhstan nation is a very serious challenge for the future in a country of multi-culture and multi-ethnic one.
Kazakhstan has celebrated the 550th anniversary of its statehood in 2015 and is emerging as a powerful government between Central Asian and Caucasian region in west and east of Caspian Lake.
The entity for Kazakh citizens in the future will play an important anxiety if there will be no careful attention. As it was in the early twentieth century in Russian Empire among Muslim societies within the Empire, the problem of entity and livelihood of Muslims and Christian citizens of the country will arise as a challenge. Although, governing of a developed multi-cultural society such as Kazakhstan by the Nazarbayev model will not face serious challenges, but the mass media and virtual space are not under the complete control of many governments. There are no serious barriers to the flow of sound, picture, and information.
I have visited some parts of this beautiful and rich culture country and I do believe that in the future, thanks to the attempts of President Nazarbayev and the government structure and regional authorities of all country from many ethnic origins, will be able to continue the development of the country and making a multi-culture country with high level of friendship and tolerance.
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Bahram Amirahmadian, an assistant professor at The University of Tehran, is the senior fellow at IRAS.

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